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Josh sits down with industry innovators to uncover the unique ideas and values that are baked in to their businesses and have led to extraordinary success. These conversations can be a catalyst for other leaders to discover, develop and deliver powerful results!

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4 days ago

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh is celebrating episode 50! He’s joined by good friend, collaborator and podcast producer extraordinaire, JB Anderson of Gaslight Studios. They dive deep into the story arc from Josh’s 2021 TEDx St. Louis talk to the ideation of the podcast. And they touch on many of the highlights from the first year of episodes, lessons learned, the role of the City of St. Louis and the ultimate guest wishlist. Please remember that the best way to support the show and keep the stories coming is simply to follow Baked-In on your favorite podcast player and leave a review. Let’s go…

Episode 49: Mike Konzen | PGAV

Thursday May 16, 2024

Thursday May 16, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh is talking with Mike Konzen of PGAV. Headquartered in downtown St. Louis, PGAV is behind some of the most recognizable destinations locally and around the world. The global firm of designers, architects and planners is responsible for the design of places close to home such as the St. Louis Aquarium at Union Station and the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame & Museum in addition to experiences at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta and SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, which opened last year. Their projects attract 120+ million visitors per year on 5 continents.
Josh and Mike discuss the recently opened World’s Fair exhibit at the Missouri History Museum in which PGAV played a big role, how he recruits and retains a talented team in St. Louis and beyond, empathy and its role in business and leadership, and their shared appreciation for mid-1970 Oldsmobile Cutlasses. It’s so cool to know that this type of immensely creative work is being done here in St. Louis. Let’s go…

Thursday May 09, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh gets the chance to talk with Chris Ryan, a filmmaker, publisher and entrepreneur based in St. Louis, MO. More than anything, Chris is a crafter of stories. He’s the founder and creative director of Once Films and the driving force behind He brings a unique perspective and skill set to his work in film, marketing and civic engagement. They discuss the value of storytelling for businesses and non-profits, how the smartphone has propelled his business forward and why he’s fallen for his adopted hometown. Grab some popcorn and let’s go…

Thursday May 02, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh sits down with Kevin Lemp of 4 Hands Brewery. Founded in the LaSalle Park neighborhood in 2011, 4 Hands Brewing Company has grown to become the largest craft brewery in the St. Louis area. Brewing a wide range of year-round, seasonal and limited release beers, 4 Hands is also home to 1220 Spirits, a botanically inspired craft distillery, and Withered Oak, a line of uniquely finished and artfully blended whiskeys. Additionally, 4 Hands operates a tap room and restaurant in downtown St. Louis and is expanding their brick-and-mortar footprint with their recent opening in The District of Chesterfield, the Memorial Day opening of a new Kirkwood location and an end of summer opening at Terminal 2 at Lambert International Airport. Josh and Kevin talk a lot about growth, expansion, teams, success and community. Kevin is an incredibly thoughtful guy who clearly has an immense passion for life (and beverages). Grab a City Wide and let’s go…
#craftbeer #craftspirits #stlmade #gallo #stlouis #innovation

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

The Baked-In podcast is presented by Busey Bank who also happens to be the guest on this week’s episode. Emily Pickel, Busey’s head of charitable relations for the Gateway Region, joined Josh to dive a bit deeper into their community giving, you know, the stuff Josh is always talking about with Busey. Emily has a Masters in Social Work from Washington University and spent a number of years in smaller non-profits before joining the team at Busey.
Josh and Emily discuss not only the ways in which Busey gives back but also how they incentivize their teams to volunteer and support their initiatives through paid volunteer hours and Pay it Forward Fridays to further the organization’s commitment to the positive progress of the communities it serves. They talk about how it’s hard for small and medium size businesses to put these efforts together when it’s usually done by folks wearing multiple hats. Emily has some great thoughts on how to make it work for all sizes of businesses. Lots of aspirational stuff in this one for all leaders. Let’s go….

Thursday Apr 18, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh is joined by Dr. Jody Sowell, president and CEO of the Missouri Historical Society. Jody came to St. Louis in 2003 to pursue a doctorate in American Studies at St. Louis University and fell in love with our town. Eighteen years ago he took a small, temporary position at the History Museum and the rest is well…Under his leadership, the museum has been focused on community engagement and leaning hard into a cross cultural, multi-layered look at St. Louis history. He’s overseen 8 of the 10 most visited exhibits in the history of the museum. Josh and Jody talk about their shared appreciation for the power of an American Studies degree, the upcoming 1904 World’s Fair exhibit and building culture through communication and cheerleading. Lots of great leadership lessons in this one. Let’s go…

Thursday Apr 11, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh has  the chance to sit with Curtis Francois, owner and CEO of World Wide Technology Raceway. Located just a few minutes from the Gateway Arch and covering over 700 acres, the Raceway draws fans from all over the country. Only a decade since purchasing the facility, Curtis has created the only venue in the U.S. to host the elite series from each of the three major race sanctioning bodies - NASCAR, INDYCAR, and NHRA, in addition to 300+ additional events per year.  Josh and Curtis discuss the state of racetrack in 2011, the complexity of managing, operating and scaling such a sprawling facility and the community engagement that is a big part of his organization. Rev your engines and let’s go…
#nascar #indyracing #midwest #nhra #stlmade

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

On today’s episode, Josh sits with Chris Hansen of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation. Founded in 2006, the Foundation focuses on the development of artistic venues, studios and workspaces, short and long-term residencies, and community-based programming, to provide essential infrastructure for the arts to thrive in the St. Louis region. Chris and the Foundation take a very unconventional approach – via real estate development – to support a diverse artistic community. Chris has been with the Kranzbergs for over 10 years as the executive director driving the organization’s continued growth. This past summer, Forbes magazine named the Grand Center Arts District as the most exciting emerging arts district in America. Chris and Josh discuss the Forbes recognition, the venues that make up the bulk of his work and Music at the Intersection, the civic-led effort presented by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, that encompasses multiple stages set up in streets and green spaces throughout the neighborhood every year in September. Grab a lawn chair and let’s go…
#mati #musicfestival #culture #renovation #STLarts #stlmade

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh has the opportunity to talk with Mitch Meyers. Mitch is a creative icon – from Spuds McKenzie to The Zipatoni Company to Cannabis. Widely recognized as the Mother of Bud Light from her early days at the Anheuser Busch companies, to working with plenty of Fortune 100 companies as the co-pilot of the famed Zipatoni, she has immense experience building brands and building cultures. They talk the Spuds campaign that really propelled Bud Light, building a culture of creativity in the 350 employee Zipatoni, retirement and unretirement, along with her new career leading BeLeaf, a medicinal and recreational Missouri cannabis company. Good stuff in this one. Let’s go…
#cannabis #budlight #advertising #zipatoni #stlmade #anheuserbusch #beleaf

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh drops a line with Shalie Dahl Moore who recently opened Wheelhouse Fish Co. – a sea to plate fish company providing products that she and her family catch on their own boats out of Petersburg, Alaska. She’s an incredibly passionate person launching into her business with a real focus on simply sharing her love for the people and the products from her hometown. Josh and Shalie talk about growing up on a boat, her journey to the Midwest on a basketball scholarship and how she brings her product to market. Wheelhouse Fish Co.’s items are currently available at Urban Eats in South City and the University City Farmer’s Market with lots more on the horizon. Grab your net and let’s go…
#fishing #seatotable #alaska 

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