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Josh sits down with industry innovators to uncover the unique ideas and values that are baked in to their businesses and have led to extraordinary success. These conversations can be a catalyst for other leaders to discover, develop and deliver powerful results!

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Thursday Apr 11, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh has  the chance to sit with Curtis Francois, owner and CEO of World Wide Technology Raceway. Located just a few minutes from the Gateway Arch and covering over 700 acres, the Raceway draws fans from all over the country. Only a decade since purchasing the facility, Curtis has created the only venue in the U.S. to host the elite series from each of the three major race sanctioning bodies - NASCAR, INDYCAR, and NHRA, in addition to 300+ additional events per year.  Josh and Curtis discuss the state of racetrack in 2011, the complexity of managing, operating and scaling such a sprawling facility and the community engagement that is a big part of his organization. Rev your engines and let’s go…
#nascar #indyracing #midwest #nhra #stlmade

Thursday Apr 04, 2024

On today’s episode, Josh sits with Chris Hansen of the Kranzberg Arts Foundation. Founded in 2006, the Foundation focuses on the development of artistic venues, studios and workspaces, short and long-term residencies, and community-based programming, to provide essential infrastructure for the arts to thrive in the St. Louis region. Chris and the Foundation take a very unconventional approach – via real estate development – to support a diverse artistic community. Chris has been with the Kranzbergs for over 10 years as the executive director driving the organization’s continued growth. This past summer, Forbes magazine named the Grand Center Arts District as the most exciting emerging arts district in America. Chris and Josh discuss the Forbes recognition, the venues that make up the bulk of his work and Music at the Intersection, the civic-led effort presented by the Kranzberg Arts Foundation, that encompasses multiple stages set up in streets and green spaces throughout the neighborhood every year in September. Grab a lawn chair and let’s go…
#mati #musicfestival #culture #renovation #STLarts #stlmade

Thursday Mar 28, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh has the opportunity to talk with Mitch Meyers. Mitch is a creative icon – from Spuds McKenzie to The Zipatoni Company to Cannabis. Widely recognized as the Mother of Bud Light from her early days at the Anheuser Busch companies, to working with plenty of Fortune 100 companies as the co-pilot of the famed Zipatoni, she has immense experience building brands and building cultures. They talk the Spuds campaign that really propelled Bud Light, building a culture of creativity in the 350 employee Zipatoni, retirement and unretirement, along with her new career leading BeLeaf, a medicinal and recreational Missouri cannabis company. Good stuff in this one. Let’s go…
#cannabis #budlight #advertising #zipatoni #stlmade #anheuserbusch #beleaf

Thursday Mar 21, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh drops a line with Shalie Dahl Moore who recently opened Wheelhouse Fish Co. – a sea to plate fish company providing products that she and her family catch on their own boats out of Petersburg, Alaska. She’s an incredibly passionate person launching into her business with a real focus on simply sharing her love for the people and the products from her hometown. Josh and Shalie talk about growing up on a boat, her journey to the Midwest on a basketball scholarship and how she brings her product to market. Wheelhouse Fish Co.’s items are currently available at Urban Eats in South City and the University City Farmer’s Market with lots more on the horizon. Grab your net and let’s go…
#fishing #seatotable #alaska 

Tuesday Mar 12, 2024

This week’s episode presented by Busey Bank is a celebration of St. Louis and 314 day! Josh catches up with Jeff and Randy Vines from STL-Style - a hub of civic pride, providing original St. Louis-inspired apparel and stuff and hosting a number of special events throughout the year at their incredibly bustling shop. They are unapologetically all about St. Louis. Self described, their flagship shop on burgeoning Cherokee Street is a gathering spot for local politicos, historians, writers, musicians, filmmakers and artists from all walks, who coalesce there regularly to discuss the current state of affairs in the City of St. Louis and beyond. Josh, Jeff and Randy have the chance to discuss their 2008 cover story in the Sunday NY Times that preceded the 2010 opening of their shop, the art of distilling a neighborhood down to a simple t-shirt graphic, and their steadfast belief in non-expansion.
Be sure and check out this weekend’s special events celebrating 314 Day. More info can be found at
#branding #apparel #stlmade #stlstyle #cherokeestreet

Thursday Feb 29, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh sits down with Matthew McGuire – the landmark restauranteur behind two fabulous St. Louis dining destinations. Matt and Josh go way back. They discuss Matt’s journey from his first successful endeavor after college – King Louie – through his days with Gerard Craft’s restaurant group and Central Hall Food Table in the Central West End. Matt is a true hospitality professional with an incredible eye for detail and is really good at making spaces and food and service impeccably understated and delicious and comfortable.
Josh dives deep to understand the intentionality behind Matt’s approach to everything he does. How does he build a staff and a culture? What is he doing differently now then he did as a young restauranteur? It’s great to hear the secret sauce from someone who clearly knows how to create a successful organization.
#restauranteur #stlmade #explorestl #secretsauce #culture

Tuesday Feb 20, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank, Josh Allen talks with Charli Cooksey, the dynamic leader of WEPOWER St. Louis.
As Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “The problems of racial injustice and economic injustice cannot be solved without a radical redistribution of political and economic power.” 
Charli and her organization are doing that work in St. Louis by re-examining the local economy. She focuses on early childhood education, business acceleration and support and lots and lots of policy work. She has a strong vision for the future of the St. Louis and is mobilizing help from a variety of resources in order to get there. In the conversation, Josh and Charli catch up on sharing the TEDx St. Louis stage in 2021, her upbringing in North St. Louis and how it led to her commitment to advocacy and the power of a sabbatical.

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

On this week’s episode of the Baked-In podcast presented by Busey Bank, Josh has the opportunity to talk with Rebecca Van Bergen of Nest. Nest is a nonprofit supporting the responsible growth and creative engagement of the artisan & maker economy to build a world of greater gender equity and economic inclusion. She founded Nest in 2006 after graduating with a Masters in Social Work from Washington University and winning a business/social enterprise competition which provided seed money for Nest. Over the years, she has garnered a tremendous reputation and numerous accolades for her work including being named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, a Levi Strauss & Co. Collaboratory Fellow, a PBS Changemaker, a CNN Young Person Who Rocks and one of the White House’s Top 100 Entrepreneurial Enterprises led by a young person.
Nearly 18 years later, Rebecca leads an organization that is partnering with brand leaders such as Etsy, Madewell, Patagonia, Target and West Elm to continue to improve transparency, social wellbeing, and economic opportunity for handworkers which includes both artisans and less skilled manual laborers, often working from their homes.
She is super inspirational. Josh and Rebecca talk about both starting businesses at 24, the challenges of leading a 100% remote workforce and Nest’s initiatives to assist makers in addressing the growing number of climate change issues.
#nonprofit #crafters #women #change #entrepreneur #stlmade 

Wednesday Feb 07, 2024

On this week’s episode of the Baked-In podcast presented by Busey Bank, Josh catches up with entrepreneur and fellow-baker, Jason Bockman – the man behind Strange Donuts, Up Late, IDK Ad Agency and a whole host of things we’ll probably never know about. He’s also a tremendous advocate for the City of St. Louis and actively involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters, the Children’s Heart Foundation and Girls on the Run. He’s a guy that works tremendously hard to put himself in position for opportunities to present themselves. And then he dives in head first.
They talk about a lot including Jason’s upcoming second-location opening of the his overnight dining concept, Up Late, on February 17, celebrating 10 years with Strange Donuts and the power and the importance of being a dad. Jason brings an unparalleled energy to everything he does – including podcasting. The hustle is real folks.
#donuts #stlmade #stlouis #theloop #hustle

Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

On this week’s episode presented by Busey Bank,  Josh sits down (remotely) with some wonderful folks – Johanna Hartzheim and Ismail Salhi – the team behind Wildgrain. Wildgrain is the first bake-from-frozen artisan bread, pastry and pasta subscription box. Founded in early 2020, Wildgrain has grown exponentially in the last 3 years, has 15,000+ 5-star reviews and was recently voted the #1 subscription box in the country (a pretty crowded field) in USA Today. Full disclosure, Josh’s bakery – Companion – is one of many artisan shops across the country that are vendor/partners baking products for Wildgrain’s nearly 60,000 active members. They talk about the challenges in scaling a business that relies on outside manufacturers, the power of non-traditional marketing, and their aggressive plans for continued expansion. They’ve passed through milestones of growth in a matter of months that many businesses take years to experience. So many lessons to learn for all-sized companies in this one and their honesty and transparency is super refreshing. If you’re interested in a monthly subscription, be sure to check out all of their offerings at
#directtoconsumer #artisanbakery #subscriptionbox #innovative #bread

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